Element 3D is the most amazing thing to happen to After Effects since… well… EVER!

The incredible team over at VideoCopilot.net created a plug-in that allows you to import 3D objects into AE, but the best part is, you can create your own 3D objects from logo’s, text and layers right in After Effects!

I’ve only been using it for about a week and I am just in awe.

Check out some of the things I just finished up. Every last bit of this was created in After Effects.


The logo was a .eps, I opened it in Illustrator highlighted all layers and pasted it onto a solid in After Effects. That created masks for all of the different layers in the logo. I grouped the masks by the color in the logo and duplicated the solid layer in AE so each layer represented the color in the logo ie. “IBEW LOGO Blue”

Inside the plug-in you’re able to control the extrusion depth, material, texture, reflectivity, color and everything else you could imagine.

Here is another example using a free iPhone 5 model from this link.


With all of these capabilities you would expect to pay a lot. I can tell you that at $150 it is a no-brainer! If you use After Effects for anything you should go check out this plug-in and all of the other wonderful things they have over at VideoCopilot.net

I am not being paid by anyone to say any of this, nor do I get any kind of kickback for click-throughs. I am just spreading the word on a product that I have found to be extremely useful.

If you have any questions about how I’ve done any of the work you see or if you would like to see specific examples of features feel free to comment bellow.