Booyah Final Cut! Take that!

I dont know if anyone who reads this uses FCP7 but if it even helps one person with this INCREDIBLY annoying problem then its worth confusing some readers.

Every once and a while I’ll be editing a project and go to render and see this.


I know I’m NOT out of memory… In fact, I am currently only using 30% of my RAM. What the hell Final Cut? In searching the web I found a couple solutions that worked for some people but I figured out one that has worked every time this pesky error shows up.

Here is a simple timeline where the error popped up.


Nothing special. Just some opening graphics, interviews strung back to back with supers. How could something this simple cause any problems?

The sequence settings looked like this.


Here’s the solution:

– Click in the timeline.

– Select all (Command+A)

– Copy (Command+C)

– Right-click in the Browser window and make a “new sequence”


– Right-click on the new sequence go to settings.


– Manually set the settings to match the original sequence (if it is using Compressor settings of either HDV or H.264 you might want to change this to some form of ProRes)

– Paste the previously copied timeline in the new sequence. (Command+V)

– Render!

I bet you’ve never been so happy to see a progress bar have you? Now go get a beer and celebrate while your sequence renders and you feel that warm feeling of relief come over you… Unless you’re at work. In that case, GET BACK TO WORK. You’ve wasted enough time searching the web for this article!