This last weekend I got the opportunity to shoot Argentine Tango dance lessons at the Sonnenalp Resort of Vail and it was an incredible experience. The main intension for this shoot was to produce a three minute video of the first of many nights of dance lessons hosted by the Sonnenalp. Myself and the producer Dominic arrived to see a dimly lit room with tables set for a romantic dinner before a night of fun.

After scoping out the scene and finding out that the lighting wasn’t going to change for the dance portion of the night we decided to set up a couple of Arri 650’s with a softbox and some diffusion so we didn’t blind the guests to much. Without them the video would end up being to dark or incredibly grainy. We intended on only using one camera but I brought a second one just incase and it really came in handy to get tight shots while I let the other one roll on a wide the whole time. Once the room was cleared of the tables the guests partnered up and fill the empty spaces ready for a special evening.

The dancers ranged from beginners to experts, and in knowing that, the instructors did a great job of keeping the balance between, showing the basics, and moving quickly to not keep the more experienced guests waiting.

The video is in the post production process now and once I’m finished editing it I’ll post it for all to see. Feel free to provide constructive criticism and helpful tips. I am always interested in feedback on my work.

Equipment used: Canon T2i (With Magic Lantern Firmware), Battery Grip, Rode Video Mic, Rokinon 35mm 1.8, Canon XH-G1, Wide Angle Adapter, Sennheiser G2 Lav Mic, Manfrotto 190x-ProB Tripod With 501HDV Head