I have owned my Canon T2i for over a year now and absolutely love it. Recently I installed the Magic Lantern firmware hack (Thanks a1ex) and it’s like I have a brand new camera! Magic Lantern is the answer to 90% of the complaints about shooting video on a Canon DSLR.

Here are some of the main features:

1. Disables AGC (Automat Gain Control) and allows custom audio levels for internal and external mic’s

2. Audio meters to visualize levels

3. Enables intermediate ISO levels

4. Custom white balance in degrees kelvin

5. Live Zebra and histogram monitoring for over and under exposed areas.

6. Q-Scale settings for custom bitrates.

7. Peaking (Focus assist) This is a must for when you use a fast lens like f1.8 or faster.

8. Audio monitoring through USB port to Headphones (I have not tested this yet)

This firmware breaths new life into an already kick ass DSLR. At $700 this camera blows away any other in it’s class! Now that the T3i  is out I’m sure buyers cant wait until the development on the new model begins.

Video comparison of settings and detailed process notes to come soon.

Here is the Wiki info